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CELLINK to Develop Custom Bioink for Takara Bio iPS Beta Cells

CELLINK and Takara Bio Europe AB will collaborate to evaluate bioprinting of CELLINK’s Bioink with Takara’s cells for insulin secretion by iPS derived beta cells.

The project’s aim is to commercialize technology where both parties would benefit from the developed application of the combined technology. The end product would be a cell-specific bioink optimized for Takara’s iPS beta cells to accelerate the tissue maturation in 3D culture. The project is now initiated, and potential commercialization of results would reach the market during 2018.

Takara Bio Europe AB, formerly Cellartis AB, a subsidiary of Takara Bio Europe SAS., is focusing on stem cell-derived products and services for drug discovery, disease modeling, and applications within regenerative medicine. The company leverages long-standing experience in stem cell handling and scale up together with leading expertise in differentiation of cells into mature and functional human cells. Specifically, the company possesses broad expertise in human pluripotent stem cells, including both hiPSC and hESC and related media. Takara Bio Europe AB is located in state-of-the-art facilities in Göteborg, Sweden.

CELLINK is an innovative biotechnology company and also the first bioink company in the world. Our vision is to create the future of medicine by creating the necessary tools for experts the world over to bioprint living human organs and tissue. We strive to make the bioprinting technology as accessible, user friendly and high performing as possible. We also collaborate with different organizations over the globe in pursuit of the same goal.

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