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Is 3D Printing the future of Nintendo Labo?

3D Printing Nintendo Labo

Sure, one of the coolest things about the Nintendo Labo series of games is that the “accessories” are made from recyclable cardboard so they are environmentally friendly and won’t pollute for centuries to come (unlike those piles of E.T. buried in the New Mexico desert by Atari). However, there is …

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Allevi to offer carbohydrate glass for use with Organ-on-a-chip kit

Low-cost bioprinter manufacturer Allevi is introducing Carbohydrate Glass materials from startup Volumetric for the company’s new 3D Organ-on-a-chip Kit. Carbohydrate Glass is an incredible sacrificial material that has excellent printability and makes high-resolution microchannels. Published in Nature Materials, Carbohydrate Glass is considered a game-changer for some bioprinting applications. Organ-on-a-chip technology, developed by the …

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Top 3D printing designers discuss their approach to DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing)

3d printing designers

While 3D printing has now been around for over thirty years, and some 3D printing designers have been exploring the technology since then, until recently, there was no clear-cut approach to fully exploiting the technology’s potential for near-limitless geometries. The recent rise in the adoption of the acronym DfAM (Design …

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Mosaic Releases New Chroma 3 Software for Palette+ Multi-color FDM | Video

Palette+ is a device developed by Mosaic Manufacturing.  It upgrades most filament-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printers to print in 4+ materials with only 1 extruder. Chroma 3 is Palette+’s newest companion software that helps make this happen. To print models with pristine colors, Chroma adds transition towers to prints. When a printer changes from one filament to the next, it extrudes …

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