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NASA Tests First 3D Printed Rocket Engine Part Made with Two Different Metal Alloys

Engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, tested NASA’s first 3D printed rocket engine prototype part made of two different metal alloys through an innovative advanced manufacturing process. NASA has been making and evaluating durable 3D printed rocket parts made of one metal, but the technique of …

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3DPBM’s Co-founder to Hold Webinar on AM for Aviation, Space and Drone Production

Organized by the industry event specialists at Infocast and by the leading AM market analysis firm Smartech Publishing, the webinar titled Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in Aerospace Outlook will provide a complete overview of how AM technologies are being rapidly adopted by leading companies in the aerospace sector and specifcically in the three …

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HRL Receives NASA Award to 3D Print Ceramic Rocket Engine Components

HRL Laboratories, LLC, has received an award as part of NASA’s Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion program to develop additive manufactured (3D-printed) ceramic rocket engine components. HRL achieved a scientific breakthrough with preceramic resins that can be 3D printed and converted to high-temperature ceramic that was first published …

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Made in Space Demonstrates ESAMM System for 3D Printing in Vacuum of Space

With the participation of NASA Associate Administrator for Space Technology Steve Jurczyk, Made in Space showed the latest test results on the Archinaut project and gave  a demonstration of the Extended Structure Additive Manufacturing Machine (ESAMM), with a tour of Made In Space’s robotics room. ESAMM is a manufacturing method which incorporates Archinaut’s …

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Rocket Crafters Lands DARPA Contract for Development of Large-scale, 3D Printed, Hybrid Rocket Engine      

  Rocket Crafters (RCI) has been awarded a $542,600 research contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Under the terms of the agreement, RCI is tasked to build and test a large-scale hybrid rocket engine using RCI’s patented Direct-Digital Advanced Rocket Technology (D-DART). During the eight-month period of …

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RegoLight Project Uses Sunlight Sintering to 3D Print with Simulated Lunar Regolith

Using the sintering process, the RegoLight team seeks to design and produce a single ‘building element;’ made of printed regolith simulant by a novel new mobile printer. Advanced printing technologies, using readily available resources on the Moon will provide new possibilities for the construction of space architecture and can set new criteria for mission requirements. …

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