Visual Marketing

By introducing 3D printing technologies to visual marketing, companies are now able to create large and small visual advertising products that are not just images on a wall but real 3D representations of a product, often supersized. This has become possible with the emergence of more affordable, large format 3D printing technologies, including filament extrusion and – even more so – Massivit’s unique gel dispensing technology.

Because marketing models don’t need to be durable or possess particular mechanical properties, the quality of the materials used is irrelevant. Materials need to be first and foremost affordable and fast do print. By cagtering to these two primary demands, a few 3D printer manufacturers which also include HP and its full color 3D printing systems, have effectively created a new segment of 3D printing and marketing.

Key adopters in this segment are 2D digital printing services and studios that decide to venture into offering 3D capabilities. This transition is not an easy one, as physical 3D representations present a series of challenges that need to be overcome in terms of assembling and finishing a product, however more than a few companies around the world have already begun to embrace this revolution and the results have often been quite stunning.

In this AM Focus, we will examine some of these fascinating marketing projects and the potential of this new vertical segment of the additive manufacturing industry, with contributions from some of the key players in this field.

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