Professional Additive Manufacturing

By “professional additive manufacturing”, we intend all those categories of 3D printing adoption that relate to the creative and artistic spheres. These include applications in architecture, construction, design, arts & crafts as well as entertainment (movies and animation) and designer consumer products such as furniture and jewelry.

This category of adopters has grown enormously in recent years as the cost of professional level AM systems has decreased from over $100,000 to between $20,000 and $5,000. This enormous paradigm shift has opened up 3D printing to a wide demographic of users that have innovated and imagined new application possibilities for AM. The process is still very much ongoing as the abundance of news and articles in this section clearly indicate.

Several artists and creatives have embraced plastic and in many cases ceramics based technologies to explore new possibilities in both end-use products and their supply to the final user. 3D printing is seen as the key technology that will enable the production of mass customized items, produced on-demand, on location, by professionals in any part of the world.

Global professional and B2C additive manufacturing services such as Shapeways, iMaterialise and Sculpteo have also contributed to expanding this area of AM by making high-end 3D printing technologies easily accessible and affordable for more people all over the world.

Latest professional AM news:

3D Systems presents new Figure 4 Jewelry system

3D Systems has launched a new Figure 4 production system dedicated specifically to the jewelry market. The machine—called the Figure…

11 hours ago

Will 3D printing play a role in the decolonization of museums?

In recent years, 3D scanning and printing have taken on increasingly important roles in the museal content, used by conservationists…

3 days ago

Emerging Objects presents Nature by Design Cochineal

Since Pre-Hispanic times the cochineal insect has been used as a natural colorant by indigenous peoples from the Americas. For…

1 week ago

Artist Steven Naifeh 3D prints 12-ft-tall desert rose sculpture

Steven Naifeh, a prolific artist and author, recently teamed up with 3D printing service i.materialise to bring to life a…

1 month ago

Student-designed bridge combines two robotic construction techniques

Bridges have become a popular way for research groups and additive manufacturing companies to demonstrate their technologies. It makes sense.…

2 months ago

Oxford University replicates historical instruments with 3D printing

The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford houses a stunning collection of historical musical instruments from around the…

2 months ago

Cooksongold partners with 3D LAB on AtoNoble ultrasonic atomization of precious metals.

Precious metals and precious metal 3D printing provider Cooksongold is partnering with 3D LAB on the AtoNoble, a compact powder…

2 months ago

Anouk Wipprecht leverages 3D printing for latest Rolls Royce Black Badge campaign

Anouk Wipprecht, one of the best-known tech-fashion designers making intensive use of 3D printing technologies, has worked with "bionic" singer…

3 months ago

One Piece characters 3D printed to real-life size for 20th anniversary of manga series

One Piece manga fans had a chance to get interactive with their favorite One Piece characters 3D printed in huge…

3 months ago

MIT students recreate 16th c. bridge concept by Leonardo da Vinci using 3D printing

Leonardo da Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man, was not only a famous painter but a prolific inventor. Today, he is…

3 months ago