Professional Additive Manufacturing

By “professional additive manufacturing”, we intend all those categories of 3D printing adoption that relate to the creative and artistic spheres. These include applications in architecture, construction, design, arts & crafts as well as entertainment (movies and animation) and designer consumer products such as furniture and jewelry.

This category of adopters has grown enormously in recent years as the cost of professional level AM systems has decreased from over $100,000 to between $20,000 and $5,000. This enormous paradigm shift has opened up 3D printing to a wide demographic of users that have innovated and imagined new application possibilities for AM. The process is still very much ongoing as the abundance of news and articles in this section clearly indicate.

Several artists and creatives have embraced plastic and in many cases ceramics based technologies to explore new possibilities in both end-use products and their supply to the final user. 3D printing is seen as the key technology that will enable the production of mass customized items, produced on-demand, on location, by professionals in any part of the world.

Global professional and B2C additive manufacturing services such as Shapeways, iMaterialise and Sculpteo have also contributed to expanding this area of AM by making high-end 3D printing technologies easily accessible and affordable for more people all over the world.

Latest professional AM news:

New exhibit features life-size 3D replica of ancient Buddhist Yungang Grottoes

The Zhejiang University Museum of Art and Archaeology (ZJUMAA) in China has inaugurated a new exhibit, called "Grace and Grandeur:…

3 weeks ago

Czech Republic to welcome first 3D printed house, and it floats!

The Czech Republic is preparing to break ground on its first 3D printed house next month. The stylish housing structure…

1 month ago

Ashen Cabin: an off-grid home made from 3D printed concrete and infested wood

American architecture studio Hannah has built an eco-friendly off-the-grid cabin in Upstate New York using a combination of 3D printed…

2 months ago

Tune in for a Q&A session with Neri Oxman on Material Ecology

Tune in Thursday, May 14, at 8:00 p.m. EDT for a live Q&A with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of…

2 months ago

MIT Media Lab and artist Thom Kubli explore floating 3D printed sculptures

Artist Thom Kubli has partnered with MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group to create a 3D printer that defies gravity…

3 months ago

Harvard Semitic Museum 3D scans Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi

A team from the Harvard Semitic Museum has 3D scanned a series of three sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt, which are…

3 months ago

Mimaki launches new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 large format 3D printer

Mimaki's 3D printing business has been intertwined with Israeli technologies from the start. The Japanese company is a leader in…

3 months ago

Amy Karle uses 3D printing in thought-provoking futurist art

To mark Women’s History month this March, 3D printing company HP is highlighting an ongoing collaboration with artist Amy Karle.…

4 months ago

Factum Arte digitally unveils life-size partly 3D printed replica of Raffaello’s tomb

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing all social venues - including museums and exhibits - to close their doors to slow…

4 months ago

Sketchfab introduces 3D model CC0 dedication for cultural institutions

3D content platform Sketchfab made an announcement this week which will see high-quality 3D scans and models of cultural artefacts…

4 months ago