3D Printing Filaments

Although it started almost as a game, today 3D printing filaments manufacturing for both industrial and low-cost 3D printers is an industry.

So much so that even giants such as SABIC, Verbatim (Mitsubishi) and others have begun to target it. Other large companies such as Covestro (Bayer) and Eastman Chemical partnered directly with companies operating in the low-cost 3D printing arena. NatureWorks, the largest producer of PLA in the world, has begun focusing specifically on 3D printing.

As 3D printing expands it also evolves more and more into a true industrial production newer companies continue to evolve their offer and technological capabilities. Each company focuses on specific material and specific customer segments (Industrial, Professional, Consumers, Makers and Education) and all agree that explosive growth is on the horizon.

Industry Leader Discuss Opportunity and Challenges

Latest 3D printing filament news:

Smart International launches materials partner program with BASF, Clariant and DSM

Smart International, Kodak's 3D printing global brand licensee, has launched a Material Partnership Program through which it will facilitate the…

5 days ago

The Virtual Foundry names Sapphire 3D as official sintering partner

The Virtual Foundry, a manufacturer of metal filaments, has named Chicago-based Sapphire 3D as the first certified sintering partner for…

1 month ago

MakerBot kicks off METHOD Materials Development Program

Stratasys-owned 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot this week launched the METHOD Materials Development Program, which brings together partners from across the…

2 months ago

Essentium unveils new HSE 3D printer models and four high-temp materials

Texas-based Essentium, Inc. is bringing to market a new printer series based on its High Speed Extrusion (HSE) technology as…

2 months ago

Roboze adds KetaSpire PEEK from SOLVAY to range of supported materials

Although today there are several extrusion systems supporting high-temperature materials such as PEEK and other PAEK family polymers, Italian company…

2 months ago

SiCeram GmbH and Spectrum Filaments launch advanced ceramic filaments for desktop 3D printers

SiCeram and Spectrum Filaments are introducing an innovative series of ceramic materials for use in filament extrusion (FFF) 3D printing…

2 months ago

New Aquasys120 water-soluble support filament could open new era for extrusion 3D printing

Infinite Material Solutions has finally cracked one of filament extrusion 3D printing's biggest challenges: the wider availability of fully water-soluble…

2 months ago

Roboze and SABIC launch EXTEM AMHH811F filament for ARGO 3D printers

Through a collaborative effort, Italian 3D printing company Roboze and chemical company SABIC have brought to market a new high…

3 months ago

DSM releases flame retardant filament, Link3D raises $7M and more

This week, we take a brief look at some new releases and announcements from materials company Royal DSM, 3D printer…

3 months ago

Made In Space and Braskem sending commercial plastic recycler to ISS

Made In Space has announced that it will be launching the first commercially developed plastic recycling facility to the International…

3 months ago