Executive Interviews

Executive Interviews are one-to-one conversations that 3D Printing Media Network journalists regularly have with AM industry leaders, decision-makers, innovators and pioneers. You can find insights, opinions and analyses relative to the biggest challenges that the AM industry is facing, innovative technologies, new applications and much more. This is where you can learn about some of the biggest opportunities that AM presents, straight from those who are making them happen.

While reporting on everything that happens in the world of additive manufacturing, the 3dpbm and 3D Printing Media Network teams have had the privilege to speak with some of the professionals that are contributing to define the future of manufacturing.

If you are an AM industry executive, researcher, engineer or inventor and you would like to share your own views, announce new research and progresses, discuss challenges and opportunities, please contact our team anytime at info@3dpbm.com.

EOS’s SVP Markus Glasser: “Distributing AM to exit the COVID-19 crisis”

The COVID-19 crisis is going to cause a massive shock to global manufacturing, pretending it isn’t so is like pretending…

1 day ago

Composites AM moves into serial production with 9T Labs’ Red Series

This interview was originally published in the 3dpbm Advanced Materials AM Focus eBook 2020.  A relative newcomer in the additive…

3 weeks ago

CIM 4.0, a World-class Competence Center in Turin and the new perspectives of Industry 4.0

CIM 4.0, a Turin-based competence center, offers operational and strategic support to manufacturing companies oriented towards the digitalization of industrial…

1 month ago

America Makes and the importance of a centralized COVID-19 3D printing response

As the national institute for additive manufacturing in the United States, America Makes has been in a somewhat unique position…

1 month ago

Italian startup Caracol and its design-oriented AM service offering

Based in Lomazzo, Italy, Caracol is a newcomer to the additive manufacturing sector, but it has already made a name…

2 months ago

Seeing 3D printing clearly with Hoet eyewear

The eyewear industry is one of the most significant when looking at the breakdown of the consumer AM segment. As…

2 months ago

CECIMO: “3D printing can help in this emergency but institutions have to give clear instructions”

What can the additive manufacturing industry represent in regards to this global pandemic we are experiencing? The first ideas that…

2 months ago

GE’s conscious bet on Arcam EBM is paying off

Just a few weeks ago, GE Additive made history with the maiden voyage of the Boeing 777x, with over 300…

3 months ago

Nearly 18 million parts (and counting) 3D printed with HP technologies

In this month's AM Focus we sought out to answer one big question: how far along is automotive digital mass…

4 months ago

SLM Solutions heads into 2020 with focus on industrialization and process parameters

Last November, the additive manufacturing industry came together for one of the—if not the—most significant global AM events of 2019,…

5 months ago