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MIT’s Mediated Matter proposes water-based digital fabrication method using renewable polymer

Mediated Matter

Led by innovative architect and designer Neri Oxman, MIT’s Mediated Matter lab is responsible for some of the most inventive and avant-garde additive manufacturing research out there. From 3D printed glass technology to its responsive and bioinspired mask collections, Mediated Matter has a complex vision for 3D printing and digital …

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Emerging Object’s Latest Project Explores Beautiful 3D Printed Cabin of Curiosities

In the rapidly evolving world of construction 3D printing, California based Emerging Objects stands out both as a pioneer and as the only company that approached 3D printing from a modular, “3D printed bricks and tiles” point of view. Its latest 3D Printed Cabin of Curiosities sums up much of …

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Dutch 3D Printed Canal House Experience Aectual-ly Lives On in the 3D Printed Floor

The Dutch construction 3D printing tradition – which began as a large-scale experiment with the 3D Printed Canal House in 2013 – is living on through Aectual. The Amsterdam-based technology company launched a sustainably produced 3D printed floor with terrazzo infill at the latest Dutch Design Week. Aectuals’ smart manufacturing technology makes it possible …

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