Research & Education

Additive manufacturing is transforming how products are designed, produced, and serviced. AM lets us produce on-demand, without dedicated equipment or tooling. This unparalleled flexibility enables new digital design and production tools that can create components and products with breakthrough performance: in order to truly unlock the potential of AM, research & education is of fundamental importance.

Knowledge of the fundamentals of AM, its design principles, applications, and implications is one of the greatest barriers to its wider adoption. In recent years the key importance of integrating additive manufacturing in educational curricula has begun to be considered worldwide.

Additive manufacturing centered research & education initiatives by both governments and corporations – as well as individuals – have begun to focus on raising the next generation of additive manufacturing designers and engineers.

The main areas of exploration for educational activities are in software and hardware. While AM hardware learning is currently mostly limited to exploring the current additive production process and its applications, the software offers some of the most significant opportunities in terms of learning to fully exploit the AM process in the future.

Russian researchers use oil waste to improve aluminum powders

Scientists at Russia's National University of Science and Technology used oil waste to strengthen aluminum alloys used in aluminum powder.…

4 days ago

Additive manufacturing enhances magnetic resonance systems

Chinese researchers working out of Xiamen University have used additive manufacturing to create more precise magnetic resonance systems. They have…

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MIT paper encourages training in additive manufacturing

A paper released by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Work of the Future department encourages industrial training in…

1 week ago

AMGTA publishes first research paper on sustainability in AM

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA), a global trade group created to foster and promote the environmental benefits of…

2 weeks ago

Researchers use Biopixlar platform to precisely bioprint neuronal cells

The Biopixlar bioprinting platform, developed by Swedish firm Fluicell, has shown it is possible to directly print primary neurons with…

3 weeks ago

HS HI-TECH and ETH mix 3D printing tech for Digital Bamboo pavilion

The Digital Bamboo pavilion explores the innovative combination of a naturally grown material with digital fabrication. It was developed via…

3 weeks ago

The smallest Millenium Falcon in the Galaxy is just 100 micron long

Microlight3D, a French specialist in microscopic 3D printing, created the smallest Millenium Falcon spaceship in the galaxy, as a celebration…

4 weeks ago

AMRC installs first MELD solid state metal additive manufacturing machine In Europe

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) installed a MELD solid-state metal additive manufacturing machine, the first such system in the…

4 weeks ago

First ever biomimetic tongue surface created in silicone with 3D printing

Scientists at the University of Leeds have created synthetic soft surfaces for biomimetic tongue textures for the first time using…

1 month ago

Cyient and SR University create an educational partnership that promotes the Indian AM industry

Cyient and SR University entered an educational partnership that promotes an industry-oriented curriculum focused on advanced digital manufacturing systems. The…

2 months ago