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Ignus-II Inconel 718 3D printed rocket engine further evolves Vulcan 2 project at SEDS UCSD

The recently fired up Ignus-II is the second iteration of the Ignus-I engine, the first 3D printed engine launched by a student organization. Ignus-II builds upon UCSD’s research and data gathered, featuring many improvements to optimize efficiency. Ignus-II is being developed to launch the Vulcan 2 rocket, SEDS UCSD’s second …

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3DX Industries’ binder jet additive process to be featured in upcoming McGraw-Hill publication

3DX Industries, Inc., a state of the art manufacturer specializing in 3D metal printing, has been selected as a featured company in McGraw-Hill Global Educations latest manufacturing publication released on April 30, 2018. The Company hosted a tour of its facility with representatives from McGraw-Hill Global Education (McGraw-Hill) with the …

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MIT Additive Manufacturing online course launches with more than 1,100 participants

A new MIT Additive Manufacturing course launched online this Monday, April 30th, on the MIT XPro Platform, with more than 1,100 participants enrolled from around the globe. Registration has now been extended until Friday, May 11. The $1,950, 9-week course is designed for manufacturing, design, or engineering professionals across industries, in …

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Emerging Objects’ new book explores innovative recipes for Printing Architecture

Although 3D printing promises a revolution in many industries, primarily industrial manufacturing, nowhere are the possibilities greater than in the field of product design and modular architecture. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, of the cutting-edge San Francisco Bay Area-based design firm Emerging Objects, have developed remarkable techniques for printing …

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Jugnoo Launch Printo Online 3D Printing Store

jugnoo printo 3d printing store

As technology advances, 3D printing is becoming more practical, efficient, faster and cost-effective for multiple industries. This revolutionary manufacturing process has gone from a cutting-edge novelty to a booming industry for new startups. With this transforming advancement, Jugnoo, an on-demand hyperlocal startup, launches Printo, a 3D printing online store. Jugnoo partners …

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