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BigRep Producing Large-Scale Auto Parts

bigrep manifold 3

The Automotive industry continues its ongoing race to find ways to accelerate the process of designing and developing new and better vehicles. If we examine a modern car design closely, we see that it contains around 30,000 components, of different sizes and materials, manufactured using a range of techniques. Introducing …

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We Just Love This Folding Robot on Fab365

Folding Robot-R is the second in a series of folding robots designed as an applications for “4D” printing. It was inspired by the “Robby” robot that appears in the movie “Forbidden Planet (1956)” The original design is by Goo Sangkwon, of GOODesign Studio and CEO at 3D model marketplace Fab365. …

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Joris Laarman Lab’s Design in the Digital Age Exhibit to Open at High Museum in Atlanta

Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age will present work spanning the career of innovative Dutch designer Joris Laarman. Laarman and his Lab are design pioneers and idea detonators whose intellectual and thoughtful approach to design is marked by combining science, technology, restless curiosity, and creativity with lyrical aesthetics. Laarman’s …

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