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EOS and Under Armour Partner to Evolve SLS 3D Printing for Production

Under Armour

EOS and Under Armour will jointly work to scale Under Armour’s 3D footwear business through the development of advanced laser sintering technology, and leveraging EOS’ expertise in industrialized 3D production, now (once again) generally known as additive manufacturing (AM). “With EOS’ industry-leading laser sintering 3D printing technology, Under Armour can …

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Manhattan Proves Fatal for 3D Print Shops Yet Again as iMakr NY Store Moves

Local online publication Bowery Boogie reports that the iMakr 3D printing company just shuttered its iMakr NY Allen Street flagship storefront. It had been a three-year jaunt for the London-based company. The iMakr showroom-slash-studio is now headquartered in Brooklyn’s Industry City, and still maintains its e-commerce solution online. Like most 3D print shops, iMakr sold …

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Electrolux Asia Pacific and Spare Parts 3D Explore 3D Printing for Replacement Parts

Spare Parts 3D

The Asia Pacific sector of the Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer Electrolux recently partnered with Spare Parts 3D, a young Singapore-based tech start-up to conduct a feasibility study that aims to evaluate the on-demand and distributed production of spare parts. Traditional Spare Parts Strategies Incurs Avoidable Costs To support aftersales …

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Wearables, Fashion and Technology, What’s 3D Printing Got to Do With It?

The Internet of Things, flexible electronics, mass customization, augmentation, bionics and prosthetics, shape memory and programmable materials, sports devices and the Apple Watch. All these trendy tag terms – so different from each other – are somehow described and defined by and contained within the general idea of wearables. But what …

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