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Consumer Funded 3Doodler Turns Five

Five years ago this month, 3Doodler was a mere concept on Kickstarter. The idea was to simplify 3D printing, putting its power in the hands of anyone through a pen-like device that cost less than $100. Maxwell Bogue, co-founder and inventor of the 3Doodler (together with Peter Dilworth), explains “We had the idea, but …

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Mosaic Releases New Chroma 3 Software for Palette+ Multi-color FDM | Video

Palette+ is a device developed by Mosaic Manufacturing.  It upgrades most filament-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printers to print in 4+ materials with only 1 extruder. Chroma 3 is Palette+’s newest companion software that helps make this happen. To print models with pristine colors, Chroma adds transition towers to prints. When a printer changes from one filament to the next, it extrudes …

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