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Carbon 3D Printed Parts Make Wine Research Faster and More Economical

Small-batch winemakers and academic researchers are always seeking new methods to further their understanding of the winemaking and yeast fermentation process. Important advances in wine research include improvements in testing equipment, as well as improved processes, including automation and robotics. In order to produce insights relevant to at-scale manufacturing, researchers …

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Materialise aMace Technology Used for Pelvic Reconstruction in Cancer Patients

New, 3D printed hip implants have made five bone cancer patients, two clinical teams and Materialise, very happy. Together with the orthopaedic departments of the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB), Switzerland and the Righospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, Materialise participated in a study to reconstruct periacetabular defects caused by tumors. Dr. Krieg and his …

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Don-Plast Uses VSHAPER GO 3D Printer for Prototyping of Decorative Goods

Don-Plast is one of Poland’s leading manufacturers of plastic decorative goods used in designing flats, gardens and balconies. The company continues to expand its customer base by attending international horticultural and landscape architecture exhibitions presenting interesting shapes of flowerpots, bowls and vases. Their production has been supported for some time …

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