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SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital Opens 3D Printing Center of Excellence

Stratasys j750 3D printed head

Stratasys is teaming with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri to launch an advanced 3D printing “Center of Excellence” – designed to accelerate innovation in pre-surgical preparedness, medical research and patient treatment.  Open now, the center leverages Stratasys 3D printing technology to develop and share best-practices throughout …

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TuPOD Windform XT 2.0 3D Printed TubeSat Deployer Successfully Completes Mission

Small satellites provide a responsive alternative to larger, more expensive satellites. As demand grows, engineers must adapt these “nanosatellites” or CubeSats to provide new achievements and goals. One of these achievements is deploying a TubeSat from the International Space Station (ISS). TubeSats are cylindrical and are not compatible with normal …

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Carbon 3D Printed Parts Make Wine Research Faster and More Economical

Small-batch winemakers and academic researchers are always seeking new methods to further their understanding of the winemaking and yeast fermentation process. Important advances in wine research include improvements in testing equipment, as well as improved processes, including automation and robotics. In order to produce insights relevant to at-scale manufacturing, researchers …

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