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Nanoscribe’s Nano 3D Printer Used to Study Animal Shapes and Bioinspired Materials

Researchers often use artificial models fabricated via 3D printing to understand natural phenomena. In the following you will find examples of additively manufactured structures and bioinspired materials – inspired by nature, printed with Nanoscribe‘s Professional GT nano 3D printer – e.g. artificial gecko setae for the investigation of adhesive properties …

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Researchers Study GelAGE As a Platform Bioink for Multiple 3D Biofabrication Technologies


Scientists from the University of Wuerzberg in Germany and the University of Otago Christchurch in New Zealand conducted an in-depth analysis of GelAGE synthesis. Standard UV-initiation was further compared with a recently described visible-light-initiator system for GelAGE hydrogel formation. The study, conducted by Sarah Bertlein, Gabriella Brown, Khoon S. Lim, …

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