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BLB Industries Supplies Large Format 3D Printer to NorDan for Window and Door Production

Several industry media reported yesterday that Swedish company NorDan is now using a large format 3D printer to produce end-use doors and windows. The large format 3D printer is being built by large-format 3D printer manufacturer BIB Industries, also based in Sweden.

BIB built one of the largest and fastest 3D printers in the world. The company refers to it as “The Box” and it can build almost anything between the size of a pinball and a complete kitchen table. The bed area can fit details up to 1500×1100 mm and a height of 1500 mm. It uses thermopolymer extrusion technology and granulates to reduce material costs whilst giving a wider range of plastics to choose from.

“We are in the process of building a highly advanced machine to the company NorDan AB which will be using the machine to print doors, windows and many more things in real size,” a spokesperson for the company confirmed in a statement on the BIB’s website. “The machine has a build volume of 2 500 mm x 1 500 mm x 1 500 mm, 5.625 cubic meters. The machine is also equipped with 2 extruders giving the machine the ability to print with different materials and nozzle sizes in the same print.”

NorDan also confirmed that it has entered into a multi-billion [Swedish Kroner] contract with BLB Industries AB in Värnamo for delivery of a state-of-the-art 3D printer that can print windows and doors in size up to 1.5m wide and 2.5m high. For larger formats, the product can be printed in parts and attached.

The delivery of the final custom system now being assembled will take place in spring 2018 and it will be used for the production of commercial products and prototypes. The “BLB 3D Custom Printer” can print products in different polymers and biocomposites. Biocomposites consist of a large proportion of non-fossil-based natural raw materials and residues from forestry or by-products from agriculture, such as polymers mixed with wood, cork, straw, hemp.

Developments in additive production and application of bio-based materials have come a long way, and NorDan AB said it considers the technology ripe for industrial production. The new 3D printer is already installed at the company’s factory in Bor, where the first tests production of doors has been conducted with satisfactory results.

NorDan is a professional and leading partner for the construction industry. The company has the widest range of products in the market and contributes to the development of digitization, sustainability and innovation.


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