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Bioartist Amy Karle Is Creating a 3D Bioprinted Hand with Real Skin on It

Leveraging the intelligence of human stem cells, bioartist Amy Karle created a 3D bioprinted scaffold made of a biodegradable hydrogel that disintegrates over time, with the intention that stem cells seeded onto that design will eventually grow into tissue and mineralize into bone along that shape. Karle’s work opens a new form of artwork, as well as expanding opportunities for enhancing our bodies, biomedical applications, and making things that were never possible to create before.

Amy Karle is a bioartist who uses the mind-body, science and technology to create art. Karle’s artwork taps our concepts of what it means to be human and in this body, expressing internal, ephemeral experiences in visual forms. Working across a variety of platforms she engages questions about what it means to be human by creating projects on, around, or about the body; it is the subject and the medium. She connects physiology and consciousness with science and technology to create representations of our internal states so that we may study the mind and body and even learn to reprogram it. Her work has established a new discipline in the art world.

Application of the bioink containing stem cells onto 3D printed scaffold

Amy Karle attended Alfred University and Cornell University, where she received degrees in Art and Design and Philosophy. Amy is co-founder of Conceptual Art Technologies and is the inventor of registered active patents, servicemarks and trademarks in medical and technology categories. Her mission is to raise consciousness and positively impact others with her work. Amy currently works as a full-time artist and inventor both expressing elusive experiences in visual forms and designing technologies to improve the body and functions of the human. The long-term goals of her work are in healthcare and mind-body medicine.

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