BEAMIT partners with AM materials developer Elementum 3D

Italian 3D printing service bureau BEAMIT has signed an agreement with Colorado-based AM materials company Elementum 3D with the aim of mutually promoting their respective offerings and creating a fruitful market for specialty 3D printing materials in Europe.

Currently, BEAMIT operates one of the largest AM machine parks in the region, consisting of SLS, SLM, EBM and DMLS technologies, among others. Going beyond its function as a service bureau, the Parma-based company has started creating business cases for AM, including process set-up, heat treatment  and post processing for specialty materials, such as alloy metals offered developed by Elementum 3D.

Through the formalized agreement, BEAMIT will help establish printing parameters for Elementum 3D’s powders and become a key distributor for its metal AM materials within Europe.

“We are pleased to announce our cooperation agreement with Elementum 3D,” said Mauro Antolotti, the president of BEAMIT. “In a joint venture project BEAMIT and Elementum 3D will work on further material development parameters for all the alloys that Elementum 3D will design and realize in Colorado facility, keep focus on certain advanced material properties.

“Targeted parameter sets are necessary to achieve optimal results during the selective laser melting process and BEAMIT’s technical experience as an experienced metal additive manufacturing user will allow them to develop unique parameters with high-quality characteristics. The knowledge-sharing between the two companies during this process will be mutually beneficial in creating a shorter timeframe for parameter testing.”

Formerly known as Sinter Print, Elementum 3D is an R&D company focused on bringing new and innovative materials to the AM market, including metals, composites and ceramics. The company, which has clients in the aerospace and defense sectors (among others) has brought to market a number of high-performance materials, including aluminum and copper alloys.

By partnering with BEAMIT, Elementum 3D hopes to create new opportunities for its materials in AM at a production scale.

As Steve Wagner, Vice President of Sales at Elementum 3D, said. “Elementum 3D is looking forward to a successful cooperation with BEAMIT. Their extensive knowledge of selective laser melting technology combined with superior technical expertise will directly relate to faster releases of AM materials in demand. More importantly, this partnership benefits companies searching for an effective and efficient manufacturing process to bring a game changing idea, concept or totally new product to market in record time.”

serves the aerospace, defense and other industrial sectors, has brought a range of innovative and high-performance materials to market, including aluminum and copper alloys.

Victor Anusci

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