Autodesk releases Netfabb 2021.0

Many new features for AM and new machines added (including the Fuse1)

Autodesk has just released Netfabb 2021.0. The new version of the popular CAE/CAM software for additive manufacturing carries many new features and improvements to existing ones, including new parameters for new and existing 3D printing systems and materials.

Highlights include new additive machines parameters, including by Concept Laser, Formlabs (Form 3L and Fuse 1), Mimaki 3DUJ-553 (full-color UV-curable inkjet) and Origin. This is the full list of currently present printers. Users now have the possibility of adding their own parts to the part library. Also included in the new version are two new packers, Gravity and Size Sorting, and a mesh size limit increase: the number of nodes has been increased from 500,000 to 5 million, and layer-nodes were increased from 20 million to 200 million in the Simulation Utility.

Simulation Utility LT (included with Netfabb Ultimate) simulates metal powder bed fusion technology to identify and remediate common build failures, including distortion, recoater blade interference, hotspots, lack of fusion zones, and support structure failure. With the 2021 version, Autodesk have relaxed the limits significantly to enable this utility to simulate even more complex geometries.

Netfabb 2021.0 also introduces new processing parameter (PRM) files for Additive Industries MetalFAB1 using Inconel 718 40 µm and EOS Inconel 718 on the M290. In addition, using a source STL, a simulation-based compensation and warping of DED geometries is now possible. A new example has been added to demonstrate Directed Energy Deposition Compensation.

Users can also expect improved integration with HP machines. Specifically, you can quickly establish print setting customizations with the ability to create, save, and load print profiles for a given material right from Netfabb. In addition, it will be able to transfer the full build platform to HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager with a single click.

This is a new major version. If you have been running Netfabb or Local Simulation under a networked license, you need to generate a new license file and to import it in Network License Manager.

Victor Anusci

Victor does not really exist. He is a pseudonym for several writers in the 3D Printing Media Network team. As a pseudonym, Victor has also had a fascinating made-up life story, living as a digital (and virtual) nomad to cover the global AM industry. He has always worked extra-hard whenever he was needed to create unique content. However, lately, as our editorial team has grown, he is mostly taking care of publishing press releases.

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