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Victor was born in Alexandria, Egypt where he attended school and began working as a professional photographer. He moved to Paris, France, in 1998, where he began working with 3D technologies including photogrammetry and later on 3D scanning and 3D mapping. He developed a passion for 3D printing as a mean to give a physical form to his creations.

Aerosint Is Developing the First Commercial Multi-powder SLS 3D Printer

multi-powder sls

Belgium based Aerosint invented a unique selective powder dispensing technology which enable multi-powder SLS 3D printing for more cost effective and multi-material parts. If it reaches commercialization it could result in extreme cost efficiency for higher-end, more expensive polymers, among other benefits. The project was initiated by the Start-up studio …

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EU Awards €2.7M for RUN2Rail Research Project to 3D Print Train Parts


The EU’s Horizon 2020 RUN2Rail project will explore an ensemble of technical developments for future running gear. The acronym stands for Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles. This means that it will ask participating universities and companies to look into ways to design trains …

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Kwambio Launches Ceramo OneTM, a New Binder Jetting Based Ceramics 3D Printer

  Professional ceramics 3D Printing is starting to take hold as stereolithography, extrusion and binder jetting processes are being optimized and adapted for working with ceramics materials. The latest announcement in this sense comes from Kwambio: the NYC-based startup developed its very own high precision 3D printer, the Ceramo OneTM, specifically …

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