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What is APWorks’ Scalmalloy®RP?

Scalmalloy®RP is Airbus Group’s unique second-generation aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy (AlMgSc) powder. It was developed for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing (e-manufacturing) – including the additive layer manufacturing (ALM) process – and displays high strength in layer-wise-generated 3-D near net-shape parts.

Airbus Group’s continued work in AlMgSc alloy technology has resulted in development of the Scalmalloy® alloy family, which offers tailorable material solutions with exceptional fatigue and toughness properties. This alloy powder has proven its applicability on different powder bed build-up platforms. Its part properties are nearly twice of those of established aluminum powder for selective laser melting (direct manufacturing) and can offer exceptional weight saving opportunities if the part design incorporates topology optimization (“bionic designs.”)

ScalmalloyRP can be used in components for transportation, defense, aerospace, leisure and fashion products

scalmalloy-powder“Combining the benefits of metallic 3D printing with new materials can greatly expand the possibilities for modern components.” This is how Airbus APWorks CEO Joachim Zettler describes the goal in the development of Scalmalloy® powder, in cooperation with Airbus Group R&D. It is corrosion-resistant and combines the low weight of aluminium with almost the specific strength of titanium. In comparison, the AlSi10Mg aluminium silicon powder widely used for additive manufacture is only half as strong. In addition to its high strength, Scalmalloy® is also very tough; a special advantage for safety-related applications.This unique combination makes our material especially interesting for high-performance applications in the robotics, automotive and aerospace industries. Together with the design freedom afforded by metallic 3D printing, products can also have levels of functionality that were previously unattainable.

Scalmalloy®RP provides robust solutions for the use of aluminum alloys in direct manufacturing approaches when high specific strength, enhanced functionality and exceptional high corrosion resistance – combined with 3-D design freedom – are desired. Compared to all other aluminum alloys currently used in selective laser melting, AlMgSc offers a high level of corrosion resistance, which allows the material’s use without protective coatings. Scalmalloy®RP, like other AlMgSc alloys, show excellent weldability and good joint strength, enabling complex part integration through any kind of fusion welding. Scalmalloy® is produced and marketed exclusively by APWorks, in order to make aerospace quality achievable in other industries as well. It is already available for production applications.

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