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Afinia 3D Releases Vol IV in eBook Series, Featuring 3D Printer-Equipped Artists

Afinia has made their latest eBook available via their recent blog post. “Afinia 3D Printer-Equipped Artists: Stories of Success” is the fourth volume in their series of eBooks. It includes interviews and stories from artists using Afinia printers in various ways.

Each eBook in the series contains 5-10 different stories of “Afiniacs” who have successfully implemented 3D printing technology into their curriculum or workflow.

Artists’ Stories of Success

Afinia-3Dprinting-eBook-vol4-artists We’ve seen 3D printing enter the arena in many fields: education, medicine, and engineering, to name a few. But another important field in which 3D printing is becoming popular, and being used for incredible creations, is art. With this medium becoming accessible to more artists, the possibilities of what they can create is nearly endless. We had the privilege of speaking with five “Afiniacs”—individuals who are using their Afinia 3D printers to create masterful artwork—and we are excited to share their stories with you. Download our 4th volume eBook to read about the artists’ creations and experiences.

Haven’t read our previous eBooks?

Afinia’s previous eBooks, “Afinia 3D Printer-Enabled Innovators: Stories of Success, Volume I”; “Afinia 3D Printer-Enhanced Educators: Stories of Success, Volume II”; and “Afinia 3D Printer-Inspired Educators: Stories of Success, Volume III” are also available for download. 

Afinia 3D is a division of Microboards Technology LLC, a leader in specialized printing solutions. Their 20-year history includes leadership in disc duplication; label printing, finishing, and application equipment; and, most recently, 3D printing. Afinia 3D has gained excellent reputation among the education, engineering, and hobbyist markets for their reliable and award-winning equipment. More information can be found on their website.

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