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3DXTech launches high-temperature Gearbox HT2 3D printer for PEEK and PEKK

Available September 2019

3DXTech, a leading Michigan-based producer of high-performance filaments for industrial 3D printing applications is now releasing its own high-temperature 3D printer. The company is introducing the new Gearbox HT2, a PEKK and PEEK ready system designed to its own specifications.

Gearbox HT2Designed to print high-temp materials including PEEK and PEKK as well as 3DXTech’s extensive line of Carbon Fiber, ESD-Safe, and Flame Retardant materials, the Gearbox HT2 is built using hardened components in all wear sensitive areas, in order to make it an ideal platform for 3DXTech’s highly abrasive CarbonX Carbon Fiber Reinforced grades – including CF-PEKK, CF-PEEK, and CF-Nylon.

In order to minimize the guess-work out of making high-performance parts, the HT2 has been pre-programmed to print a broad array of 3DXTech’s high-performance materials. Customers will have access to an updated library of print settings for 3DXTech materials tuned specifically for the HT2 printer.

The system, however, will remain open, in line with 3DXTech’s approach. Although the HT2 will be tuned for 3DXTechg’s materials, customers will also be free to choose filament from any supplier.

Expected to become commercially available in September 2019, the Gearbox HT2 will have a sizable build volume of 18 x 18 x 32 cubic inches (457 x 457 x 813 cubic mm), with double extrusion (1 model, 1 support) for geometrically complex parts. The maximum extruder temp will go as high as an impressive 475°C, with build chamber temperature of 120° and a heated bed temperature of up to 200°C.

The system will also sport an onboard filament storage unit, with 2 heated and dried filament bays. Overall onboard filament Capacity is going to be 16 Kg (4 x 4kg reels, in approximately 900 cubic inches.


Davide Sher

Since 2002, I have built up extensive experience as a technology journalist, market analyst and consultant for the additive manufacturing industry. Born in Milan, Italy, I spent 12 years in the United States, where I received my Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree. As a journalist covering the tech industry - especially the videogame industry - for over 10 years, I began covering the AM industry specifically in 2013, as blogger. In 2016 I co-founded London-based 3D Printing Business Media Ltd. (now 3dpbm) which operates in marketing, editorial, and market analysis & consultancy services for the additive manufacturing industry. 3dpbm publishes 3D Printing Business Directory, the largest global directory of companies related to 3DP, and leading news and insights websites 3D Printing Media Network and Replicatore. I am also a Senior Analyst for leading US-based firm SmarTech Analysis focusing on the additive manufacturing industry and relative vertical markets.

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