Welcome to 3D Printing Stocks Watch, a service offered by 3D Printing Business Media to provide up to date information on publicly traded 3D printing companies. On this page we track all publicly traded pure player 3D printing companies (including AM Service providers and AM Hardware manufacturers) as well as AM materials manufacturers and AM software companies (which are rarely pure AM players). We also track non-pure player companies that have made significant investments in additive manufacturing (such as HP and GE) and AM adopters that have made significant investments in developing AM. Companies are tracked by major indexes including Nasdaq/NYSE in the US, Xetra in Germany and Euronext in France. If you’d like to see a particular company listed here, contact us at info@3dpbm.com using Stocks Watch as the email subject.

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3D printing stocks have been on a roller coaster since the general public discovered 3D printing in 2013. Most stocks have experienced exponential growth and peaked at the end of 2013, dropping to then peak again in the middle of 2014. After this relatively small bubble burst, causing some 3D printing stocks to lose as much as 80% of their value, many things have happened.

Very large, publicly traded companies that were not “pure players” entered the market, either as 3D printer or 3D printing materials manufacturers. At the same time the smaller pure player companies – including the current market leaders Stratasys and 3D Systems, stabilized and after reaching the bottom, began to grow again at a more “natural” and organic pace which more accurately reflects the real growth of their businesses.

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The few metal 3D printing companies that are publicly traded also saw their 3D printing stocks value rise considerably. Arcam AB (now GE Additive), SLM Solutions, Renishaw and others grew when polymer 3D printing companies were struggling. Major, publicly traded, 3D software companies such as Autodesk and Dassault Systemes also grew significantly since 3D printing began to offer more opportunities to engineers and designers, proving that widespread adoption of 3D software is a necessary transition for the business of 3D printing to truly evolve into the future of manufacturing. Now giants such as Siemens, HP and GE are also part of the bigger picture.

Although they have recently stabilized, 3D printing stocks are among the most unpredictable in terms of performance and are not ideal for short terms gains. The future of manufacturing is still quite far but there are very few doubts that 3D printing in all its forms will play a major role in it. If you are in it for the long haul then 3D printing stocks may be right for you. In the meantime, you are welcome to use this page to keep track of them.

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