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Is 3D Printing the future of Nintendo Labo?

Sure, one of the coolest things about the Nintendo Labo series of games is that the “accessories” are made from recyclable cardboard so they are environmentally friendly and won’t pollute for centuries to come (unlike those piles of E.T. buried in the New Mexico desert by Atari). However, there is little arguing that cardboard has a hard time sustaining the abuse that most video game accessories experience. So 3D printing Nintendo Labo accessories could be a welcome new development.

3D Printing Nintendo Labo

An artist / modeler going by “Shigeryu” on Twitter, must have thought so as he published a tutorial for 3D printed plastic keys, knobs, and a grand piano shell for the Piano in their Nintendo Labo Variety kit. As UsGamer reported, Shigeryu’s made something remarkable here, something worth keeping around for a long time. The video outlines how to make and install new plastic piano keys, then goes on to show how to make new plastic knobs. The Piano shell is still a work in progress; you can follow Shigeryu’s Twitter account for updates.

The Nintendo Labo isn’t lighting any fires with its sales numbers, but – much like 3D printing itself – it clearly has a dedicated community of makers intent on tinkering with the model kits. That slow-burning interest might be what helps keep Labo at least somewhat relevant across the months and 3D printing may just blow some more oxygen on its sales. If you wan to play into it, the STL’s are available to download here.

Victor Anusci

Victor does not really exist. He is a pseudonym for several writers in the 3D Printing Media Network team. As a pseudonym, Victor has also had a fascinating made-up life story, living as a digital (and virtual) nomad to cover the global AM industry. He has always worked extra-hard whenever he was needed to create unique content. However, lately, as our editorial team has grown, he is mostly taking care of publishing press releases.
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