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3D Printed Smartphone Accessory Prototypes Earn Award to Buzz Technologies

British Inventors Project finalist Buzz Technology are showcasing their vision for two modular concepts which could find their way into future smartphones. Both 3D printed smartphone accessory prototype solutions were showcased at the Gadget Show LIVE! in Birmingham, UK.

PhoneDroneGPlusDRONE-IN-A-PHONE is a tethered microdrone that folds up and fits into a camera case. By placing the battery into the smartphone case, and using a folding mechanism, Buzz Technology’s Senake Atureliya and his team have managed to reduce the size and weight of the drone, thus making it pocket-size. Flight times are significantly increased and the mini drone is able to withstand strong winds.

Buzz Technology plans to launch this concept as a stand alone phone case, seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter later this year. “We make extensive use of 3D printing technologies to develop our prototypes internally at affordable costs,” says Buzz Technology founder and CEO Senake Atureliya. “We believe that 3D printing is making it possible for startups such as ours to create functional prototypes that could truly take mainstream technologies, such as mobile phones and consumer electronic products in general, in new and fascinating directions.

BuzzPhoneCam-glasses-lensswap-selfieCAM-ON-A-CABLE is a tethered camera solution. Rather than having cameras fixed into the body of your smart phone, Buzz Technology developed a modular prototype that enables them to be removed from the phone and placed on just about anything.

For hand-free photos and videos, the sensor can be clipped into your glasses. For action footage, it can be magnetically mounted on a bike or car. Multiple camera sensors with different lenses can be stored in your phone and simply swapped over to offer super wide angle or macro capabilities. They can even be combined with the DRONE-IN-A-PHONE concept for aerial views on the fly.

To see the prototypes, visit Buzz Technology’s stand – BIP18 – at Gadget Show Live running from March 31st to April 3rd. Or visit their web site at www.buzztechnology.co.uk and 3DP Business Directory Company page at https://3dprintingbusiness.directory/company/buzz-technology/

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