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3D Printed Project Aslan Robotic Hand Translates to Sign Language (Video)

Project Aslan is a project launched by Belgian engineers, which seeks to minimize the communication barrier between the hearing enabled and the hearing impaired. By means of a robotic set-up, spoken language can be translated to sign language in real time.

By using 3D printing and readily-available components, the Aslan robot is accessible at a low-cost and all over the world. Thanks to its innovative design, the Aslan robot is affordable, without sacrificing overall quality. Through 3D printing technology, modifications can be implemented easily and new design features can be added.

The project, which has received a good amount of media coverage, is supported through a collaboration with the ENT Department of the Saint-Augustinus Antwerpen European Institute for ORL and the Op3Mech Department at the University of Antwerp.


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