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3D Platform Launches New HFA Extruder for Highest Deposition Rate

3D Platform (3DP), a global leader in manufacturing large-format, industrial-strength 3D machines, has produced a High Flow Air-cooled (HFA) extruder that is the first in a new line of high-performance, high-speed extruders engineered to be faster than anything available on the market.

“Our new line of quick-swap dual extruder heads deliver high quality 3D prints and are independently controlled for speed and extruded material amounts,” says Jonathan Schroeder, President of 3D Platform. “They are the fastest filament extruders on the market, and can accommodate filament sizes from 1.75 mm to 3 mm and nozzle sizes from 0.2 mm to 2.5 mm.”

The new line of HFA extruders produce maximum output with high reliability. The new systems feature a gear reduction transmission that prevents filament stripping and slipping. They can print layer resolutions down to 50 microns and come standard with the 3DP 300 Series WorkbenchPro. Alternatively the HFA extruders are also available as an upgrade option with the 100 Series WorkTable and 200 Series WorkbenchClassic. Feature nozzle sizes inlcude: 0.4 mm (minimum), 0.6 mm (standard) or 2.5 mm (maximum)

3D Platform is the trusted global leader in industrial-strength, large-format 3D printers. Based in Roscoe, Illinois, USA, the entire 3D Platform team is focused on driving advancements in technology to innovate, design, and build next-generation equipment for additive manufacturing. Our global distribution network supported by Certified Service Providers has helped us deploy more large-format, open-market 3D printers than anyone else.

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