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3D Hubs Publishes Infographic on Design Rules for 3D Printing Technologies

Distributed online 3D printing service platform 3D Hubs published a complete list of major elements to consider when selecting the correct type of 3D printing service, including material characteristics, feature specifications and design rules.

The post also includes an infographic which clearly explains all the major elements to consider when designing a 3D model for 3D printing. These are divided according to the specific requirement of each major 3D printing family of technologies, including extrusion, photopolymerization, powder bed fusion, binder jetting and material jetting.

You can view the infographic below or you can download a high resolution PDF here: design_rules-1

The 3D Hubs platform provides the easiest way to bring designs to life by offering local 3D printing in under two days. 3D Hubs checks the user’s digital design and its matchmaking algorithms present the best 3D print options. Some of the world’s leading consumer brands are offering local 3D printing to their users by integrating Teleport, 3D Hubs’ 3D Printing API, in their apps. This enables them to send digital designs to nearby 3D printing services with the click of a button.

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