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Celebrate 3D Printing Day 2016 With 3D Hubs

3D Printing Day 2016 is here and it’s time for the biggest 3D print celebration of the year!

To celebrate and get communities around the world involved, 3D Hubs is hosting events in 28 major cities (New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, Krakow to name a few) and opening it up for anyone to create their own events and sharing them with us.

Last year was a huge success with 460+ participating Hubs in 60 countries sharing their experiences with 3D printing.


This year 3D Hubs wants to provide all the expertise you need for upgrading your Hub with the latest and coolest machines. All around the world our 3D Hubs Mayors will be hosting local events, starting a discussion on which 3D printers are being used in your community, which 3D printers you may be looking at next and offer advice on what to look out for when choosing your next 3D printer. This is all thanks to your contribution of 8000+ reviews on over 500 3D printers, ultimately shaping the brand new community powered 2017 3D Printer Guide.

Check out all events here and join 120,000 3D printing fans in this worldwide celebration! Can’t find an event in your area? Sign up here to host one, and we’ll support you with inviting the rest of your local community.

Bring your questions, bring your stories, bring your prints, bring your printers, and most importantly bring your enthusiasm for 3D printing!

Share your story globally through #3dprintingday.

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