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20 Inch Long Printrbot Printrbelt 3D Printer 3D Prints 6 Foot Long Sword

Check out this video of a recent test on the Printrbelt, Printrbot’s newest infinity 3D printer. The 20” long system 3D printed a 6-foot long sword. The belt carries the print along until it peels off of the end of the bed.  With a little bit of support under it, this print could go on literally forever.

Brook Drumm’s company will make these one at a time and start shipping each one in order, beginning in 2 weeks. In the next few weeks, they will ramp up production until the lead time drops to next day. Printrbot clearly and very honestly stated that there is no way to predict when you will get yours, since it is determined by the initial sales.

The Printrbelt takes a big step forward in desktop manufacturing with a 3D printer: “infinite Z”. PrintrBot partnered with Polar3D, who has been working on hardware designs and software for a while now. Polar3D is supplying the cloud software to process your files, so don’t be intimidated by the mind-bending twist on 3D printing here. It will be a pleasure to use their cloud service. It is free for you, since they receive compensation from the sale.

These are the Printrbelt’s tech specs

  • Model: 1706
  • Build Volume (X-Y-Z): 
  • Print Resolution: .2mm layer height recommended
  • Print Speed: 30-60mm/sec depending on material. Results may vary
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA (sample included)
  • Extruder: Gear Head v2 Alu Extruder
  • Hot End: Ubis 13HF
  • Rails: Linear Rail and carriages for X & Y
  • Belt: Stainless steel covered in Kapton
  • Belt Drive Pulleys: 20 tooth, dual flange GT2 aluminum
  • Electronics: Printrboard Rev F6, Raspberry Pi 3
  • Software: Polar3D will provide the cloud software. WIFI or ethernet is required
  • Power Requirements: Standard 110V outlet
  • Motors: Nema17 for X, Y and Extruder. Geared stepper for Z belt
  • Overall Footprint*:  20.25″ x 13″ x 14″


  • Assembly Required: No


  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Dimensions of Box: 16″ x 16″ x 24″

Printrbot does not guarantee compatibility with any third party software or operating system (Repetier, Pronterface, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). This requires the Polar3D cloud to operate.

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